Seminars run for 1 or 2 days, which include minimum two hours of instruction with Jin Young per day. Seminars are tailored to meet the needs of everyone attending.

“The way Jin teaches is simple to understand and does not only apply to one form of martial arts but several. I have a black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu, instructor in Jeet Kune Do,instructor in Filipino martial art (Kali), black belt in Tae kwon do, and have also trained in Kickboxing, Judo and Boxing. I can apply his method of pressure fighting to all of the above martial arts and it has made me not only a better instructor but also a better student.”

Mo Bakhtiari

Martial Arts Instructor @OC Kickboxing & MMA

Jin Young customizes each seminar to meet the goals of each individual student. Typical areas focused at seminars are:

  1. Understanding the underlying concepts that make ALL techniques work
  2. Hidden details that will completely change the effectiveness of one’s training.
  3. Learn to find efficiency during all motions of combat
  4. What “Structure” means and how to create it
  5. How to attain “Moving Meditation
  6. Questions & Answers (Q&A) / troubleshooting
“Jin’s martial skill, to me, is without question but what I value equally if not more is his ability to teach. I don't think I've ever met someone who has such an eye for detail and yet is able to explain everything so clearly and then takes the time and effort to make sure you understand whats going on. I have heard that in life you meet a few people that really have a profound effect upon one's self and I really feel that Jin is one of those people. He has opened my eyes to martial arts and given me the challenge of a lifetime.”

Mike Mahoney

Neurophysiology Major at University of Tokyo

Private training separate of seminars can also be organized per request.

  1. Allows Jin more time to cater specifically to the needs of an individual.
  2. To better assess the student and spend quality time correcting common mistakes
“Since I first met Jin and his concept my entire life changed! It's like I found all the missing pieces. I am a Physiotherapist & Osteopath and it also changed the way I treat my patients and gave me tools to make their health and life so much better ! Jin has found the Universal Key you can apply in all your Life.”

Mathieu Djebali

Physiotherapist, Osteopath

When people make the commitment to bring Jin Young for a seminar or private instruction, they are also making one of the best decisions to help understand the “hidden” aspects of training to help elevate the level of each and every person.

Jin's understanding of leverage as it relates to pressure fighting is pretty much unsurpassed in my opinion. His contribution to Martial Arts won't fully be understood for some time, but trust me when I say that he is the most important figure in the art today. It's not only his great skill, but his extraordinary ability to convey concept that sets him apart. Train with him. You won't be disappointed.”

Ben Cohen

CEO Banter Media Group


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